Basic Quran Reading for Beginners & Youngsters

Complete Holy Quran Reading (Nazra)

Complete Holy Quran Tajweed (English and Urdu)

Holy Quran Translation (English and Urdu)

Complete Holy Quran Memorization (Hifaz)

Motivational and Islahi Talks (Dawah)

Kalimat-e- Khair (Islamic Greetings and Blessings)

Islamic Education (Taleem-Ul- Islam)

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    Want to know how we are the best Online Quran Education Service??

    • Highly Qualified and Professional Teachers

    • Professionally designed courses for students

    • Wide Variety of Courses to fit your needs

    • Female Teachers for female students

    • Collaborated Classes

    • Different Course levels for best learning

    Female Teacher

    Our female clients who require the commencement of their classes by female teacher, we have separate female faculty.

    Our Students

    You can also join the collaborated classes on thelightofquran.com. These combined classes enable you to study in groups and learn faster.

    Course Levels

    Our onboard faculty members have divided the curriculum into 6 different Levels. Level 1 till 5 contains the intensive studies of Tajweed rules, memorization, along with Tafseer. Level 6 is particularly designed for the students who are willing to memorize the whole Qur’an.